Full- or Part-Time Employment

For Scholars on a J Visa

J-1 scholars (Short-Term Scholar, Research Scholar/Professor, and Specialist) are required to be employed and to conduct their exchange activities at the location(s) listed on their Forms DS-2019. Paid employment for J-1 scholars is permitted only if it is an integral part of the exchange program. In most cases, it is not possible for a J-1 visa holder to accept paid employment outside of Harvard without prior authorization. However, there are some exceptions. For more details, see the Employment section on the J Scholar Visa page.

For Scholars on Other Visas

If you are a scholar on an H1-B, O-1, TN, or E-3 visa, employment is employer-specific. Therefore, you must be authorized by Harvard University or affiliated hospitals. For more details, see your specific visa type.

Employment is not permitted on the B visa, however, B visa holders may receive a per diem or reimbursement for expenses, and can receive a honorarium for certain academic activities. For more details, see the B visa page.