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Welcome to Harvard University!  On this site, you will find information on a wide range of topics from visas, health insurance, taxes and housing, to resources in the Cambridge/Boston area, to student and scholar statistics, and much more.  We hope that you will find the web site helpful...

To accommodate the large influx of students, scholars and their dependents in January and from June through mid-September, group orientation sessions called "Getting Started" and "Spouse/Partner Orientation" are held instead of individually scheduled ones...

You must register at the HIO soon after your arrival at Harvard. Please take your passport and visa document (Form I-20, Form DS-2019 or Form I-797) for registration at the HIO...

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Harvard is truly a transforming place. Since coming to Harvard, I have experienced tremendous growth and maturity in my academic, professional, and social life.

Frank BliboGhanaGSAS

It is always interesting when you realize how 'international' Boston is.

Danstan BagendaUgandaSchool of Public Health

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