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April 4, 2017

The HIO is pleased to announce an informational session for students and scholars entitled Green Cards, Entrepreneurship, and Work Visas: What Do I Need to Know?  This session is intended to help our clients learn what happens after Harvard visa sponsorship ends.  Join a local attorney who will be speaking about topics such as H-1Bs, TNs, O-1s, entrepreneurship, green cards and much more during this 2-hour session sponsored by the FAS Office for Postdoctoral Affairs ...

March 21, 2017

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is prohibiting all passengers from carrying large electronic devices in the cabin of commercial aircraft on direct flights to the United States from the following airports:
• Amman, Jordan – Queen Alia International Airport
• Cairo, Egypt – Cairo International Airport
• Istanbul, Turkey – Ataturk International Airport (IST)
• Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (JED)
• Riyadh, Saudi ...

Personal Stories

I think it is all the everyday experiences put together that make the best experience of being here

Sara Marie Hebsgaard OffersenDenmarkDepartment of Global Health and Social Medicine

I met an incredible and very diverse group of people, from all over the world who taught me so many things at so many levels.  So I think in that sense, coming to Harvard makes you a truly global citizen

Mariano Gomez LuqueArgentinaGraduate School of Design

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