There are two major organizations that provide a wide range of services for computer users at Harvard. They are the University Information Systems (UIS) and Harvard Arts and Sciences Computing Services (HASCS). UIS provides a number of low cost computer and telephone services to the Harvard community. The Technology Product Center (TPC) is a branch of UIS that sells computers, printers, and software at lower prices. TPC provides maintenance for computers and other accessories through its Technical Services division. They also provide assistance for PC, MAC, and Mainframe users, software training and demonstrations, and a computer lab for use by members of the Harvard community.

HASCS administers workstations in various labs around the University. Through these computers one has access to general course information at Harvard, campus information, telephone directories, job listings, the Internet, the Harvard On-Line Library Information System (HOLLIS), Student Employment Office Listings, or setting up an account for e- mail.

In addition to the UIS organization, some departments and schools may offer specific computer related services.