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Insurance Plans Outside of Harvard

The HIO has information regarding alternative health insurance plans for those who do not enroll in Harvard plans. These plans only require that you pay for the months you will spend in the United States. The HIO offers this information on four plans, but there are many other companies that offer health insurance for international students and scholars.

  • T.W. Lord/ISHIP – Please contact your HIO advisor for a copy of this plan
  • The Harbor Group
  • Compass Benefits Group
  • Gateway USA
    • GatewayUSA allows dependents to sign up separately from the principal visitor. Most health insurance plans do not allow dependents to sign up without the participation of the principal visitor.

Please review each plan carefully to ensure that you choose one that best meets your needs. All of these plans satisfy the U.S. Department of State health insurance requirements for J visa holders.

Massachusetts Health Reform
As of July 1, 2007, all residents of Massachusetts are required to have health insurance. Under this law, most Massachusetts adults are now required to have health insurance. In an attempt to make health insurance more affordable to residents, an independent state agency called the Health Connector was created to help Massachusetts residents find health care coverage. You may be eligible for some of the plans offered by the State of Massachusetts.


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