STEM OPT Reporting Form

All Harvard F-1 students on OPT are required to report to the HIO any of the following changes within 10 business days:

  • Name and address of employer
  • Any change of name of student or residential address
  • Any interruption of employment
(The SEVIS ID is found on your SEVIS Form I-20 in the top left hand corner, beginning with the letter "N". Format your entry like this: "N1234567890")
17-Month STEM Employment
If yes, please indicate your primary work location in the employer address field
Describe how the position draws on knowledge gained and developed during your program in 2-3 sentences.  For example, you may cite specific coursework; dissertation or thesis research; or lab work that has provided you with fundamental knowledge you use in your job duties.
6-Month Reporting Requirement
Residential Address
The HIO must be able to communicate with you. Therefore please provide a primary e-mail address which you will use during your F-1 visa status.

Students with a 24-Month STEM extension cannot begin new employment without first submitting a STEM Extension Request form and Form I-983 for acceptance by the HIO. You must also complete an end of employment evaluation with your previous employer. Please refer to the STEM information on the HIO website.